DURING the period 2010-2019 I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport recorded that it had served 175 million passengers.

According to the General Manager of I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport, Herry A.Y. Sikado said that with the end of the last day of December 2019 ending this decade. During the 2010-2019 period, we recorded that we had served at least 175 million passengers carried by 1.27 million airplanes.

“Every year, of course there is always an increase in the number of passengers served. This is an indicator that Bali is a world tourist destination that is increasingly shining and evidence of our services to airport service users,” he said.

During 2019, he continued, I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport, managed to maintain achievements in 2018 and then in the number of passengers and aircraft served.

“Until November 2019, there were 22 million passengers and 148,000 movements of airplanes in and out of Bali through airports. While in the same period in 2018, it was recorded serving as many as 21.7 million passengers and 148,000 air ships,” told Herry

He added, with the ongoing recording in December 2019, did not rule out the possibility of an increase in recording the number of passengers and airplanes in comparison to 2018 and 2019 as a whole. Over the past 10 years, minus 2019 is still ongoing, in 2018 the peak movement of passengers and aircraft, with a record of 23.78 million passengers and 162,000 aircraft movements.

He also mentioned that during this decade, the annual average growth was recorded at 10% for passenger movements, and 9% for aircraft movements.

“On average, each year there are 17.5 million passengers and 127 thousand aircraft movements served by I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport,” he concluded. [antaranews/photo special]