LAMPUNG Province supports flights from the Lampung-Kuala Lumpur route that will be carried out by AirAsia Airlines in order to enhance the development of tourism and the local economy.

According to Lampung Governor Arinal Djunaidi said I support the flight of the Lampung-Kuala Lumpur route in order to develop Lampung. With this flight, it will support an increase in the Lampung economy.

“In addition to improving the economy, it also has an effect on increasing tourist arrivals,” he said.

Meanwhile AirAsia Head of Indonesia Affairs and Policy Eddy Krismeidi Soemawilaga explained that the hearing was related to the planned development of Kuala Lumpur-Lampung.

“This plan is in the context of developing the potential for cooperation to stimulate the market in order to develop the economy. Besides stimulating the market. With this cooperation, it will directly have an impact on increasing tourist visits to Lampung Province,” he said.

Furthermore, Eddy explained that the initial flight plan would be carried out three times a week using an AR320 aircraft.

“The plan is that this flight will operate before mid-year. Surely this flight will continue to be improved. Therefore, we ask for support from the Governor of Lampung in this regard,” said Eddy. [antaranews/photo special]