WESTERN Europe, apparently has its own magnets for tourists from Indonesia. It even become ranks top in the bucket list of tours from Indonesia from various circles.

So for that, Patriot 38 – the largest Tour Leader (TL) freelancer community in Indonesia holds activities titled “Patriot 38 West Europe Edutrip” from 11 to 23 January 2019 by bringing 46 members who work as TL freelancers to the European continent.

According to Santoso Jantuna, Chairperson of Patriot 38 said, as many as 46 freelance TL people were invited to explore, learn and update the latest issues from several leading destinations in 8 countries in Western Europe.

“This is the first time for Patriot 38 to hold Edutrip in 8 countries in Western Europe, such as the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, plus Italy and the Vatican, using land routes while in Europe,” said Santoso Jantuna.

Santoso again explained, the Western European region became the destination of choice for TL freelancers due to the fact that the field was ranked first as a vacation spot for the A-class economy and a favorite choice for large corporations when giving incentives to their employees.

Because it occupies the top vacation spot market segment for tourists from Indonesia, Table 38 and supported by Fun Holiday, as a handling agent also took the initiative to hold this event so that the members were increasingly honed, skilled, and knew the current situation about everything related to their profession.

“Although the majority of TL freelancers often go to Europe, there are a number of destination routes and countries that they have not visited. This is important to update their expertise and insight. The trip route is required to use a landline with a total distance of approximately 3500 KM,” he said.

Santoso continued that transportation infrastructure in Europe is very good from one country to another. With this land route the TL will also know the geographical differences between countries. This is important to know for TL, both beginners and seniors. Because the nature is very good to be enjoyed.

Meanwhile, Tedjo Iskandar, Tour Leader of Indonesia’s Senior Freelance said, technological developments change the entire order of the way people want to go on vacation. Everything is easier, more efficient and measurable,

“In 1994 when I became a TL freelance, all were manual. Starting from ordering plane tickets, arranging the order of aircraft seats, to buying a map to find out the location to be visited next. In fact there are many other manual guides that must be owned. And this is not concise, “said Tedjo who is now the TTC Travel Mart Founder.

Even so, Tedjo also advised the members of Table 38, not all digitalization. Because there are some things, even though they look old-fashioned, they are not present but play an important role.

“Cue Cards or notes about important points must still be taken. This is old school, but this cannot be replaced by digitalization. From this cue card, we can note what things will be done next and what needs to be explained to the tourist group, “Tedjo added.

On this occasion, Tedjo also emphasized, do not ever be undisciplined with time. Because the impact must bear fines that are not small in number. Europe is very disciplined with time. Here, as a TL, we must be firm with clients.

“And a TL must be good at putting oneself in, when to be disciplined and when to joke. In addition, a TL is like a psychologist. Must know a variety of client characters. What needs to be underlined is, treat your clients as best they can until they are happy,” Tedjo concluded. []