BALI was designated as a pilot area for Disaster Safe Tourism. At present Bali is also a pilot area and is currently running to target itself to be a Disaster Safe Tourism in 2022.

According to the Head of the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) Doni Monardo also went directly to the disaster preparedness center in BPBD Bali, recently. While Head of Bali BPBD I Made Rentin said the concept of Disaster Safe Tourism is a central concept in which Bali destroys the initial pilot area of ​​Disaster Safe Tourism.

“The Head of BNPB wants to encourage us in Bali to make Bali a Disaster Safe Tourism pilot. He gave a special message for this concept. At the very least, Disaster Safe Tourism when tourists come here he gets four things, first security, Bali is safe to visit, second safety, he is comfortable coming to Bali, the third makes him convinced that to Bali get a sense of security and comfort. Fourth is peace,” he said.

He mentioned, Bali was the first and became an example. There are five other Super Priority Tourism areas, Bali is not included but Bali is in front of these five regions. The target is not past 2022, I hope.

In general, he continued, the parameters of Disaster Safe Tourism were followed by Human Resources who were ready, had evacuation routes and others.

He gave an example, for example when talking about hotels, when it came to the hotel in plain view, whether the hotel already had signs for evacuation, for example, a gathering point, running a disaster preparedness training program on the 26th every simulation was held.

That is all he said, in the context of increasing human resources, simulating disaster preparedness in the general picture. In addition to heading for the Bali Disaster Safe Tourism we move to certify disaster preparedness for hotels.

“We are targeting not to pass 2022 of the hundreds of hotels in Bali that already have preparedness certifications. Currently there are only around 86-87 hotels that have preparedness certificates from nearly 300 hotels in the province of Bali which are predominantly located in Badung and Denpasar,” he said. [antaranews/photo special]