THE Ministry of Finance together with the Coordinating Ministry for the Economy, Bank Indonesia (BI), the Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology work together to support the Electronification Local Government Transactions (ETP).

According to the Minister of Finance, Sri Mulyani said the collaboration was aimed at changing regional government revenue and expenditure transactions from cash to non-cash based on digital in order to accelerate the integration of the digital economy.

“The Ministry of Finance will develop the Regional Financial Information System data sources to the transaction level. So that funds transfer to the regions can be right on target, efficient and avoid budget leaks,” Sri Mulyani said.

She also mentioned that we at the Ministry of Finance hoped that this ETP could be less cash even though it was not yet fully cashless. The challenge is that the regional financial system is still different, so it needs a uniform platform. The availability of regional regulations concerning electronification transactions is still diverse. Then, the limitations of network infrastructure.

Other limitations, she continued, are banking products and access to the financial sector, not all villages, regions, schools or community health centers. Therefore, the Ministry of Communication and Information is building Palapa Ring and sky toll roads so that the data communication network can enter the entire village and community health centers

“That way, all regions in Indonesia have the same opportunity to be connected nationally and globally,” said the Minister of Finance. []