INDONESIA’S government will provide discounted airplane tickets and hotel rates to increase back Indonesian tourism sluggish due to the corona virus.

According to the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Wishnutama Kusubandio stated that related to the tourism industry, airplane, hotel, discounted between 25 to 30%. Maybe it can be more. We are considering. Currently the government is preparing a scheme to apply discount airplane tickets and hotel rates.

Wishnutama claimed to have put together 33 airlines to discuss the discounted airplane ticket scheme. He hopes State-Owned Enterprises and private airlines can work together with the government to realize the ticket discount scheme.

So far, he continued, airlines have welcomed the plan. Therefore, the government will also prepare incentives for airlines that give discounts to passengers.

However, the government also asked airlines that were compensated to open a number of new routes in order to attract passengers from new routes, especially foreign tourists.

“We want to increase the frequency of flights or open new destinations. There are also some. So because those affected are from China, Singapore and Hong Kong. We are also looking for other potentials that might be hubs from Korea, Japan, Taipei, also from the west for example. Dubai, Qatar, Istanbul, “he continued.

He added, and we will provide (for example) lower landing fee prices, cheaper or competitive fuel prices, we are still discussing. This is a lot of components to save our tourism industry.

Wishnutama previously predicted the loss of Indonesian tourism due to the cessation of flights to and from China around US$4 million. It is known, Indonesia closed flights to and from China after the spread of the corona virus there.

“So we have to data it well. But as we know, there are 2 million women from China within a year. If calculated in terms of foreign exchange because of their average expenditure of US$1,400, it means that almost US$4 million (we lose) from China,” Wishnutama said.

Therefore, the government will try to boost the potential of local tourists and other countries to direct their holidays from China to Indonesia. Because, besides Indonesia, there are also other countries that have closed flights to China.

He added, his party would explore cooperation with aircraft that could not fly to China to temporarily divert their routes to a number of Indonesian tourist destinations.

“I and the Minister of Transportation will meet with airlines, there are around 30 airlines who who know can divert the route to Indonesia. So that they can still help this tourism, in Indonesia,” he said.

Some of Indonesia’s tourist destinations that will be prepared as a substitute for foreign and domestic tourist destinations to China are Bali. Wishnu assessed that Bali is currently the most ready to become an alternative tourist destination with flights from and to China closed by several countries.

In Bali today there is also a decline in the number of tourists from China. Therefore, the government will replace it with other foreign and domestic tourists. []