INDONESIAN Ambassador to China Djauhari Oratmangun campaigned Work from Bali to investors in a seminar titled China Enterprises Going Global Risk Conference: 2020 Global Investment Services Forum and Foreign Embassies and Overseas Industrial Parks’ Promotion Information Release in Beijing.

“Tagar Work from Home during the pandemic has the opportunity to become Work from Bali after the Pandemic,” said Djauhari in his written statement recently.

For foreigners, working from Bali provides its own benefits because in addition to the relatively lower cost of living, the quality of life is also more guaranteed because environmental sustainability is maintained.

As the main speaker at the seminar held at the Sheraton Hotel in Beijing, the Ambassador also conveyed various policies taken by the Indonesian government to attract foreign investors in the new normal era.

In addition to forming a task force to accelerate the handling of COVID-19, the Ambassador continued, the government also issued various fiscal and non-fiscal stimulus, monetary and financial policies, as well as various health, social, economic, and recovery safety nets.

For the sector most likely in the New Normal situation after COVID-19, he called the digital economic sector, tourism, electric vehicles, and human resource development as priorities.

“The digital economy is inevitable of particular concern during the pandemic because it recorded significant growth, but the potential for Indonesian tourism in normal times is only a hidden opportunity that can be explored,” he said.

In addition, natural resources in the form of nickel is also the most potential sector for foreign investors to contribute and benefit from Indonesia’s rapid progress at this time.

The seminar, which was attended by 50 participants with a seat distance of about 4 meters each and broadcast online, was attended by 2,000 people from various companies and business associations in China. It was held by Jiang Tai International Associates (JTIA), an organization affiliated with various Chinese investors.

The main task of JTIA is to identify potential destination countries and provide recommendations for companies that will invest abroad.

“Indonesia is considered as one of the priority investment destination countries for China,” Ambassador Djauhari said.

Meanwhile JTIA Chairman Shen Kaitao explained that the Chinese government continues to give priority to national companies to expand overseas.

“Foreign investment is becoming increasingly important amid the COVID-19 pandemic situation, not only for China’s economic growth, but also for global economic growth. However, the situation of handling pandemics in each country also needs to remain a major consideration in investing,” he concluded. [antaranews/photo special]