BRITISH fashion house Ralph & Russo for the first time exhibited a collection of couture (couture) of his work using the avatar model in Couture Fashion Week 2020 which was held digitally since Monday (6/7) French time.

“This avatar is named Hauli, a name that comes from Swahili which means strength and power. Named in traditional Swahili meaning strength and power, Hauli is at the same time rooted in African origins and a reflection of humanity, about beautiful and inspiring women who bring courage and positive change to the four corners of the world, “Ralph & Russo wrote in a statement on his official website .

Through Hauli, Tamara Ralph as Creative Director of Ralph & Russo presents a collection of clothing inspired by seven wondrous locations of the world, from the Great Wall of China to the Taj Mahal.

Ralph & Russo use Hauli to invite all fashion lovers to go through difficult times around the world, while enjoying the beauty of the seven wonders of the world.

“This season we invite everyone to take part in a special experience, as we unveil the Autumn-Winter fashion collection 2020/2021 through the lens of technology,” the statement said.

This is the first time the luxury fashion house has been performing digitally with an avatar model. This is not just our first digital performance, but we want to represent a world of art that knows no boundaries.

Wearing a couture gown, Hauli looked as real as posing between Petra’s walls by wearing a pale blue silk dress with rock ornaments on the neck, chest to waist with a cut-out pattern.

For the Great Wall of China, Hauli looks posing wearing a long tailed dress (fishtail dress) made from pink organza with floral motifs. For this Autumn-Winter Couture collection for 2020/2021, Ralph & Russo uses a lot of sewing techniques and floral applications on material from taffeta, silk, tulle, to tweed fabrics. Bright colors like golden yellow, blue, lavender, to fuschia are widely used in this collection

“Each one is distorted, blurred like the color of water, and printed digitally. This collection opposes the singularity, bridging the gap between technology and elements,” the statement said. [antaranews]