MINISTRY of Tourism and Creative Economy has ensured the people to carry out safe travels amid the COVID19 pandemic by applying new normal adaptation, with technical guidelines and strict health protocols implemented in tourism destinations.

According to spokesperson for the COVID-19 Impact Handling Task Force from the Ministry, Ari Juliano Gema, said that the government was prioritizing cleanliness, health, safety, and environmental aspects (CHSE) in tourism destinations, in the interest of tourists in particular.

“That means that in this period, we are prioritizing Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environmental (CHSE) aspects. We already have guidelines that we made with the aim to ensure that all tourism destinations are following the guidelines and can ensure that the CHSE factors are met,” he explained.

He said that the Ministry have produced a video on the implementation of guidelines and health protocols that need to be implemented in tourism destinations and socialize them to the people through social media. The government, through the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, ensured that traveling in the new normal adaptation period, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, can be carried out safely.

They also work with all related parties in the tourism industry to have them follow guidelines and implement health protocols to ensure the safety for tourists.

“Our main concern for domestic tourists is their safety, and when health protocols are being strictly implemented, then safety can be ensured,” he noted.

The spokesperson further said that the government is currently focusing on attracting domestic travellers rather than foreign ones, owing to COVID-19 that is still prevalent across the globe.

Meanwhile, Head of the Yogyakarta COVID-19 Task Force, Biwana Yuswantana said that the local government has prepared a number of health protocols and guidelines for activities to resume amid COVID-19 pandemic during the new normal adaptation period.

The Yogyakarta government will make sure that all parties in the tourism sector, including spots of attraction, hotels, and restaurants, are strictly following health protocols and the guidelines that have been given. [ special]