RESPONDING to requests from travelers and travel agents for information on aviation health and safety measures, Travelport, a leading technology company serving the global travel industry, announced the launch of the Travelport Airline Health & Safety Tracker.

According to Gary Harford, APAC Regional Operations Regional Director, Travelport, said the device is available free of charge for Travelport customers and industry players to provide easily accessible information about security measures implemented by more than 80 of the world’s largest airlines.

“This information is addressed to online and offline travel agents through the newly launched Travelport COVID-19 Smartpoint Plugin, API-based Travelport merchandising solutions, Branded Fares Data Files, and Travelport’s COVID-19 Resource Hub, which is also available to the general public,” he said.

Gary said the travel industry had implemented various appropriate health and safety measures over the past few months aimed at ensuring safe and responsible travel restoration. Our presence at the heart of the industry, both in aggregating and selling travel content from providers around the world, enables us to collect all this information and transmit it to travel agents and travelers.

“We believe that our technology will help travelers adapt their travel needs with the safety measures they expect, restore confidence in travel and support a strong industry recovery,” he noted.

Meanwhile, Raymond Setokusumo, President Director of Galileo Indonesia, added that we are very pleased to be able to introduce Airline Health and Safety Tracker to our customers in Indonesia, especially with the positive responses we received from travel agents on the Travelport COVID-19 Smartpoint Plugin.

We believe initiatives like these can help travelers and travel agents stay safe and responsible as the travel industry starts to recover,” he said.

The Travelport Airline Health & Safety Tracker1 monitors the implementation of seven main safety measures: the obligation to use face masks, seating with safe distance restrictions, temperature checks before departure, updated air filters, improved cleaning programs, reduced food and beverage services on board, and mandatory certification or health statement. The data is presented in a simple visual format and is updated by Travelport every week.

Information regarding aviation safety is also available through Travelport’s Branded Fares Data File. Therefore, online travel agents, company booking devices, and travel meta-search customers can easily integrate data from Travelport Airline Health & Safety Tracker into their own booking tool. []