DEPUTY for Marketing of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Nia Niscaya, said  the implementation of health protocols based on Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability (CHSE) in the tourism sector, including the hotel industry, must be followed by good promotion so as to strengthen public trust.

“Data from McKinsey shows, the majority of Indonesians are worried about using public transportation services, traveling by plane and staying at hotels. The three categories of activity are closely related to the tourism sector,” she said.

She affirmed that almost all tourist destinations and tourism actors throughout Indonesia have implemented the CHSE-based health protocol. However, there needs to be cooperation between hoteliers, tourists, and central and local governments to publicize the implementation of health protocols.

“We need to publish, inform the world and domestic that health protocols have been implemented in all touch points for customer journeys in Indonesia, such as at airports and in hotels The CHSE-based health protocol implementation campaign could be done by uploading publications showing the application of health protocols to social media by adding the hashtag #indonesiacare,” Nia noted.

Nia Explained that Indonesia care is a national campaign launched by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy to implement health protocols as well as verification in order to present clean, healthy, safe and sustainable environment destinations.

“Indonesia Care” or abbreviated as “I Do Care” shows the commitment of the Indonesian people, especially all stakeholders in the tourism sector and creative economy to the world community that Indonesia really cares about the common good to maintain cleanliness, hygiene, and services without direct contact for the safety of others,” she said.

Nia Niscaya pointed out that friends of the (hospitality) industry, we must both publish. Industries can upload messages or health protocol implementation materials through their respective social media by adding the hashtag #indonesiacare for us to amplify on the communication channel.

She concluded, with joint efforts in implementing and campaigning health protocols, it is hoped that it can increase public confidence in the tourism sector and the creative economy. So that the tourism sector and the creative economy can move again, be productive, but still safe from COVID-19. []