THE Ministry of Trade again signed a cooperation agreement to encourage increased competitiveness of products of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) with the Accor hotel group PT AAPC Indonesia, PT Bank Negara Indonesia and the Provincial Government of the Special Region of Yogyakarta.

The signing of this cooperation agreement is a follow-up to the joint memorandum of understanding signed between the P3DN Directorate of the Ministry of Trade and PT AAPC Indonesia, PT Bank Negara Indonesia Tbk, and the Central Java Provincial Government in Semarang, on Thursday (15/10).

According to the Minister of Trade, Agus Suparmanto, the government needs support from many parties to facilitate marketing and help finance MSMEs as a driving force for the Indonesian economy. This cooperation agreement is expected to be able to participate in supporting the Bangga Buatan Indonesia (BBI) or Proud Made Indonesia program, namely by buying hotel needs from MSME players.

“In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is hoped that MSMEs will be able to play their role as a support for the nation’s economy, participate in driving the economy, and maintain people’s purchasing power. MSMEs must be able to seize opportunities when there is a change in people’s consumption patterns with the implementation of large-scale social restrictions policies,” he said.

Minister Agus explained that the large value of domestic consumption can contribute and help MSMEs to survive, adapt, and even develop in new habitual situations. I hope that the steps taken by PT AAPC Indonesia with its entire hotel network can inspire other hotels in Indonesia and continue to grow into a large company that cooperates with MSMEs in running their business.

Meanwhile, the Director General of Domestic Trade, Syailendra, added that this activity was a concrete follow-up to the Ministry of Trade to encourage increased consumption of domestic products, especially products produced by the nation’s children.

Likewise, Vice President Sales Marketing Distribution and Loyalty Accor Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapura Adi Satria, conveyed that it was in line with enthusiasm and group initiatives, Accor is committed to contributing wherever Accor is, at any time, even in this challenging pandemic situation.

“Through this collaboration, we are ready to support MSMEs and all related parties, especially in the Yogyakarta Special Region, including providing safe and hygienic accommodation services. Accor globally, including in Indonesia, implements ALLSAFE, which is a hygiene label and prevention supported by compliance with local laws and regulations,” he noted.

He added that this label makes it one of the strictest safety standards in the world of hospitality to ensure every hotel has undergone additional security measures to protect guests, employees and hotel partners. Accor welcomes guests back to stay or hold events at Accor hotels with a sense of security and calm. []