DURING a pandemic, the government must limit social activities in various regions in Indonesia as an effort to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. As the largest contributor to Indonesia’s tourism sector, Bali is one of the most affected areas.

To prepare for the recovery of Bali’s economic conditions, Bir Bintang (Bintang Beer) is here to give full support to the Bali Provincial Government in developing a system to create a tourist experience that can provide a sense of security and comfort for tourists in Bali.

According to Jessica Setiawan, Head of Marketing for Multi Bintang Indonesia, said that from March to July 2020, Bali had recorded an economic loss of IDR48.6 trillion, while in 2019, Bali’s tourism foreign exchange contribution reached IDR75 trillion, or about 28.9% of the total national foreign exchange.

“Therefore, as part of an effort to revive the economy of Bali, through the Bali Tourism Office, the government has issued a new normal order protocol standard to be implemented by all layers of tourism businesses in Bali,” she said.

She added, supporting this initiative, Bir Bintang is here to assist and assist partner outlets in Bali in undergoing the protocol certification process from the Bali Tourism Office. Bir Bintang is actively coordinating with the Bali Tourism Office to assist more than 50 outlets in Bali by providing training on hygiene, health, safety and environmental sustainability protocols for Cleanliness, Health, Safety & Environmental Sustainability (CHSE).

“Bir Bintang also provides a microsite containing a list of tourist destinations that have been certified by the Bali Tourism Office, making it easier for tourists to find tourist destinations that apply good health protocols,” Jessica noted.

Jessica continued this platform also provides an independent contact tracing function so that it can help the Bali Government to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Tourists can access this platform starting November 2020 by visiting

“For decades, Bir Bintang has grown and developed together with Bali, and we want to make a real contribution and support the Bali Government in preparing to revive Bali tourism. We hope this will help our partner outlets in Bali to be ready to receive tourists,” she concluded. [ special]