THE younger generation (millennial), especially those in the North Sulawesi region, are expected to see opportunities from the tourism industry, especially after Likupang has been designated as a super priority destination.

According to Dr. Robert Richard Winerungan, M.Si, Head of the Department of Management Studies Program, Faculty of Economics, Manado State University, said that in the midst of improving regional economic growth and supporting infrastructure, the younger generation must be able to catch positive signals from the tourism industry and the creative economy.

There are several service fields that can be developed by millennials such as travel agents, tour guides, tour information services, meeting and conference services, catering services, transportation businesses, accommodation services, laundry services and massage services.

“This is a potential in North Sulawesi. This must be worked on so that tourism progresses. Manado and Likupang must be connected, the distance is only an hour, this must be captured by millennials,” said Robert in a discussion on ‘Manado Millennials are Financial Literate’.

Robert noted the community, especially young entrepreneurs, should be prepared optimally to face the post-pandemic era of tourism industry revival. The public can also take advantage of access to capital from digital financial services. As long as it is used wisely and intelligently, this can have a big impact as a stimulus for the local economy.

“Technology makes people’s financial access closer to their capital. If we borrow from a bank for months, we are rushed to borrow with loan sharks. But now with digital finance, borrowing money for three minutes immediately disbursed,” said Robert.

What the younger generation must pay attention to is finding financial service providers that are credible and under the supervision of the Financial Services Authority.

“Many say that technology destroys the work of many people, even though it provides opportunities if it is used productively, so it should not be used for consumptive purposes,” said Robert.

The economy of North Sulawesi, especially Manado, is recorded to have grown by 13.92% in January 2021. In addition, the revival of tourism and the creative economy has become one of the focuses of the government in North Sulawesi, including Manado City, particularly as a regional economic recovery strategy.

Fintech lending penetration in Sulawesi Island itself has reached more than 50% higher than Bali Island, Nusa Tenggara, Kalimantan Island, and Maluku and Papua regions. [antaranews/photo special]