RUSSIA is said to be developing a program that allows foreign tourists to get the COVID-19 vaccine when traveling in the country.

Quoted from Times of India reported that the Sputnik V vaccination could become the center of the tourism program from June 2021. Russian authorities are currently focusing on their citizens as far as vaccinations are concerned. The Sputnik V vaccine, available for Russian citizens as well as foreigners who have a temporary residence or residence permit.

To date no further information has been provided regarding the program, and it is said that further information will follow once the program is launched. The idea of ​​allowing foreigners to be vaccinated previously was ruled out by the country’s Health Minister.

The new rules are believed to open new doors for tourism, but implementing such a program requires a lot of work. To note, the name Sputnik comes from the orbital-carrying rocket that launched Sputnik I in 1957, and was the world’s first satellite launch. [sources/photo special]