THE most number of foreign tourists visiting Indonesia from January to June 2019 were from Malaysia, the Central Statistics Agency (BPS). During the period, 1.60 million Malaysian tourists or equivalent to 20.47 percent of foreign visitors had arrived in Indonesia.

Following Malaysia, the second country who contributed to foreign tourist arrivals to Indonesia was China. The agency recorded 1.05 million Chinese tourists or equivalent to 13.43 percent had visited the country since early to mid-2019.

Beside Malaysia and China, other countries such as Singapore, Timor Leste, and Australia were also listed as five countries with large contributions to Indonesia’s foreign tourist arrivals.

From January to June 2019, 925.8 thousand Singaporean visitors landed in Indonesia, followed by Timor Leste with 608.5 thousand, and Australia with 607.2 thousand.

Per June this year, the agency announced that the number of foreign tourist arrivals to Indonesia rose by 9.94 percent, as against June 2018.

Furthermore, the number of foreign tourists in Indonesia also increased from 7.53 million people between January and June 2018, to 7.83 million visitors during the same months this year. [antaranews/photo special]