BLUE Terrace’s location lends to a fabulous lifestyle as it is strategically set within a 2-minute-walk from MRT Setiabudi Astra, making the 5-star hotel a perfect spot for meetings, hangout place for lunch and dinner, coffee and pastries, or grab and go.

The restaurant is a refreshing balance of nature, health and style as each corner is Instagrammable, presenting sustainable dishes locally sourced as well as colorful desserts. The sustainable menu concept not only introduces the reader to mindful eating, but also delves into editorial style entries that expand upon Blue Terrace specialties.

A favorite on the Seductive Starter menu is Green Goddess Salad, a Japanese style salad with nutty sesame dressing. Fresh fish filets featured in the ‘Line Caught Catch Of The Day’ section are sourced directly from sustainable fishermen, while Australia’s best cuts of beef tenderloin are seasoned with a delicate hint of lemongrass.

One of the unique main courses from Blue Terrace is prepared with a French method, yet has Indonesian flavors. Herb Crusted “Line Caught Catch of the Day” is served with ratatouille, parmesan foam and pine nuts. Another guest favorite is Papillote, fresh fish prepared with local herbs such as belimbing wuluh and lemon basil.

AYANA’s Decadent Desserts provide mouthwatering delights such as Blue Terrace Es Teler – a heavenly mixture of avocado mousse, jackfruit and lychee, or AYANA’s signature dessert Organic Balinese Chocolate containing hazelnut feuillantine, palm sugar meringue and soursop. There is also a pastry shop where guests can choose cakes and pastries.

Blue Terrace’s healthy drink menu offers playful choices ranging from original healthy juices, smoothies, and tea tails to help keep guests feeling rejuvenated from the inside. []