PT Mercedes-Benz Distribution Indonesia (MBDI) is committed to developing the automotive business sector in the archipelago as outlined through the presence of product development at the Mercedes-Benz Wanaherang plant, Bogor, West Java.

Luxury car manufacturers based in Stuttgart, Germany, assess that the potential of the Indonesian market is huge so they will ensure they will continue to commit and develop in Indonesia.

According to MBDI Deputy Director of Sales Operation and Product Management Kariyanto Hardjosoemarto said Indonesia had enormous potential. In terms of product development, the CKD portion (completely knock down) is a form of Mercedes’s efforts to strengthen its business in Indonesia.

“So if it is said that there are many unplugging brands from Indonesia, it seems like it is not with us which actually continues to strengthen our position in Indonesia. Mercedes’ presence in Indonesia in the premium class market is still trusted by the public with a market share of approximately 45 percent,” he said.

He added, so that it was proof of how Mercedes continues to take root in Indonesia. Since the launch of Mercedes-Benz ML in 1998, manufacturers bearing the logo have continued to develop their products in Indonesia, one of which is by launching Mercedes-Benz New GLC and New GLE. [ special]