WINGS Air starts its inaugural service from Nabire to Manokwari, on a scheduled basis with a frequency of three times a week every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday commuting vice versa.

On its first route, Wings Air carried 72 guests or passengers (full seats) as well as four crew members, starting from Douw Aturure Nabire Airport, Papua (NBX) at 12.50 Eastern Indonesian Time (Eastern Indonesia Time, GMT + 9).

Wings Air uses flight number IW-1557 and lands smoothly at Rendani Airport, Manokwari, West Papua (MKW) at 14.00 14.55 East Indonesian Time. On the same day, Wings Air operates flights from Manokwari numbered IW-1556 at 14:20 and has arrived on schedule at 15.30 CEST in Nabire.

“Wings Air offers an air travel of approximately 60 minutes by operating ATR 72-500 or 600 aircraft, which have a capacity of 72 economy class seats in a 2-2 layout. To add to a more pleasant journey, the interior is designed futuristic and modern,” explained Danang Mandala Prihantoro, Wings Air Corporate Strategic Communication.

He continued, the Nabire-Manokwari-Nabire route was launched as part of the expansion of Wings Air’s business in order to strengthen as a liaison (feeder) to the district or district level.

Thus, it will facilitate connectivity for connecting flights with members of Lion Air Group namely Lion Air, Batik Air and Wings Air.

Through Rendani Airport, you can continue to Kaimana, Fak-Fak, Sorong, Jakarta, Makassar, while tourists or business people from Manokwari are connected to Jayapura, Timika, Ambon and Sorong from Douw Aturure Airport.

“Wings Air’s new route, which is flown directly point to point, can strengthen existing services in Manokwari and Nabire, while supporting the equitable distribution of new economic zones, increasing tourism potential and will help improve other business sectors in Papua,” he concluded. [antaranews]