COUNTRIES in Asia and South America have their own traditions in celebrating the new year, not only synonymous with fireworks and trumpet sounds right at the turn of the year.


Reported by Insider, in Myanmar the New Year celebration was enlivened by the Thingyan water festival. The festival began in mid-April, marking the arrival of Thagyamin, a heavenly Buddhist figure, on earth by splashing lots of water. The streets are usually filled with sprinklers and this wet festival lasts until the new year. Water is intended to “cleanse” the bad luck and sins of the previous year.


People in China color their front door red to get good luck in the new year. For the Chinese New Year, coloring the door red is considered a sign of good luck for the following year. Red is the lucky color in China, being the most popular color to wear or at celebrations such as weddings and Chinese New Year.


During the new year, many Brazilians wear white clothes and throw white flowers and candles into the sea as offerings to the Sea Goddess Iemanja. If the sea returns the offering, that means the goddess did not receive it.

The offerings of white flowers and candles are intended to flatter the Goddess of the Sea which gives gifts to mothers and children. Making offerings to Iemanja is also believed to bring prosperity to the new year.


Wearing pink lingerie on new year’s eve in Argentina means the wearer is looking for love.


In Colombia, a scarecrow or statue of a dead or disliked scarecrow will be burned on new year’s eve to leave bad things in the past.


Joya no kane is a traditional ceremony ringing bells at the temple 108 times, the number of evil spirits on earth according to Buddhist beliefs. Ringing bells 108 times is believed to drive away evil spirits over the coming year.

The Philippines

All the round shape symbolizes prosperity, including polka-dot motifs and coins collected by children in their pockets. There are also those who put coins in various corners of the house, in drawers or on tables, where it is believed these coins will bring a year full of luck. Usually they are unyielding dishes made from chicken and fish during the new year because they do not bring good luck. The rice and water container must also be full because they believe this will make life the next year prosperous. [antaranews/photo special]