AFRICA is a potential market for the Bangka-Belitung Islands Provincial Government to market and develop tourism and other regional potentials.

According to the Ambassador Indonesia for Dakkar-Senegal, Mansyur Pangeran said there were at least around 54 countries in the African Continent to promote the beauty of Bangka-Belitung tourism.

He mentioned that as the ambassador of Dakkar-Senegal who oversees about 8 countries in West Africa is not only tasked with dealing with diplomatic issues or as a representative of a country, but also as an Indonesian Promotions Center (IPC) promoting the potential of agriculture, plantations, fisheries, tourism and others to international world.

“I am very impressed with the beauty of natural tourism in Bangka-Belitung and this has the potential to be marketed in Africa. Currently, African countries are intensifying the development of tourism to support the economy of people on the continent,” he said.

He added, if this could be realized, then countries in Africa would become a potential market for Babylon in developing tourism and tourist visits to this allied allied country.

While the Deputy Governor of the Babylon Islands, Abdul Fatah thanked the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia for Dakkar-Senegal’s visit to promote the potential of this region.

“At present we are making various efforts to increase the potential of the resources possessed by Babylon in terms of agriculture and plantations, marine and fisheries, mineral resources to tourism potential that is owned,” he concluded. [antaranews/photo special]