SOJERN, a leading provider of digital marketing solutions, serving 10,000 customers in more than 140 countries announced digital marketing solutions offered on a subscription basis to various hotels and independent hospitality networks. A similar solution in the commission version has long been favored by Sojern customers from the hotel sector.

According to Kurt Weinsheimer, Chief Solutions Officer, Sojern said the solution was designed for business (enterprise-grade) needs and was developed to help marketing campaigns run by the world’s largest tourism brands. Now, a similar solution to the new subscription system is available for smaller hotels.

“This solution also comes at a cheaper price in one platform. The solution with the subscription package is an alternative to direct bookings for hotel distribution cooperation with online travel agencies (OTA),” he said

He added, Sojern’s digital marketing solutions present highly personalized advertising to consumers on a variety of digital devices and channels, such as Facebook and Instagram, videos, display ads, and internet search. Advertisements and targeted content will direct potential customers to the hotel website so they can make bookings directly.

Online marketing is now increasingly complicated and time-consuming. As a result, the industry is increasingly dependent on OTA to fill its lodging rooms. However, this often involves a large commission rate, moreover, the hotel does not have a direct relationship with customers. The Sojern platform finds tourists seeking hospitality services, and uses advertising to direct direct bookings, and increases the flow of visitors to the hotel website.

“Everything is done while establishing direct relationships with customers for the hotel. Sojern also automates the management of marketing campaigns, and optimizes them so that the focus of the hotel is not absorbed by the complexity of digital marketing,” he continued.

Instead, the hotel can prioritize its top priority: guest experience. A number of additional benefits include creative processes for advertising materials, A/B creative testing, translation services, and analysis of local markets and competition.

Originally developed for the largest hotel brands in the world, Sojern now offers a variety of digital marketing solutions for hotels and independent hospitality networks in two different ways — both supported by self-developed data science, complete with customer success analysts: Pick Your Plan, or subscription system; and Pay On The Stay, or a package with a commission. [photo special]