TOURISM observer suggests revitalizing Indonesia’s tourism sector so that it can attract more quality foreign tourists visiting Indonesia.

According to tourism observer Chandra Vokav Saritua said I assessed that currently a breakthrough is needed to revitalize Indonesian tourism to become a superior sector and attract premium tourists amid intense global competition and changes in people’s behavior in the industrial revolution era 4.0.

“So far we know the key to 3A of tourism, it is out of date. Now it has been transformed into 7A of tourism because it demands that we critically and strategically detail based on market preferences,” said Chandra.

He said 7A of tourism is an extension of the 3A of tourism that has been known, namely access, attraction, and ammenities. Whereas the other 4As are elaboration and sharpening of these aspects, namely activities, attitude, ambience, and accelerator.

“Akpar ULCLA Toba’s research found that if we continue to be fixated on 3A, it will not be able to attract the attention of premium tourists. So, 7A of tourism is more comprehensive because premium tourists must have high expectations in detail,” he said.

Chandra explained that aspects of activities must get serious attention and be separated from the aspects of attraction. This is believed to be due to the aspect of activities that will make premium tourists more comfortable staying in a tourist destination by spending more to bring in foreign exchange.

“In addition to the attractions of the natural beauty of tourist destinations, tourists will definitely think to do unique and original activities. This aspect of the activity will also involve the community around the tourist destinations to do business in the creative economy in order to improve regional welfare,” Chandra concluded.

Furthermore, regarding aspects of ambience and attitude, he emphasizes these two aspects because they are connected and reinforcing.

Chandra said that in these two central aspects, it takes a strong determination from the community that the area will be more prosperous if it is able to give a good impression to tourists who come to repeat orders and even referrals.

With the example of the Lake Toba region, North Sumatra, which is designated as a world-class super priority destination, this tourism economics expert and digital cooperative invites all parties to work together to strengthen the ambience and attitude aspects.

Communities around Lake Toba must be educated to be culturally sensitive and aware of tourism and hospitality including courtesy and service.

“As the only vocational-based tourism college in the Lake Toba region, Tourism Academy of ULCLA Toba has a moral responsibility to form a strong tourism-aware community. Let all parties be involved together, there must be harmonization between Tourism Ministry, the provincial government and seven local governments around Lake Toba ,” he said.

Then related to the accelerator aspect, Chandra saw that digital marketing would play an important role even though other marketing strategies also went hand in hand with each other. The spectacular international event will be very sure to introduce Indonesia’s super priority tourist destinations. A strong blend of digital marketing will drive tourism success as a mainstay sector.

“In addition to events at destination locations, do not forget to also promote international events at the international level, such as the 2020 European Cup which was held in 12 European countries, as well as the 2020 Olympics in Japan. If this is strengthened also with qualified digital marketing, it will undoubtedly accelerate the achievement Indonesian tourism in the global arena,” Chandra conclude. [antaranews/photo special]