BADUNG District in Bali Province, has set a target of attracting some 6.2 million foreign tourists during 2020.

According to I Made Badra, the Head of the Badung Tourism Office said so in 2020, based on the Regional Medium-Term Development Plan (RPJMD) we set a target of 6.2 million people. That target is very moderate for us to achieve. I upbeat that the target is achievable as the district received some 6.2 million foreign tourists in 2019.

“If we intensify tourism promotion activities in 2020, and with the support of conducive situations and information on security, and tourist comfort, we are very optimistic that we can achieve the target,” he said.

The local tourism office plans to evaluate the target in June of July and might increase it if the tourism industry’s trend is improving. Of the total 6.2 million tourists, he expects some two million to come from China this year.

Besides tourists from China, Badung also targets around 1.6 million tourists from Australia and New Zealand, 1.8 million tourists from European countries, and 600 thousand tourists from India. [antaranews/photo special]