CONSIDERABLE market opportunities have made Golden Tulip Indonesia open a hotel in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan under the name Golden Tulip Balikpapan Hotel & Suites.

According to Golden Tulip’s Assistant Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Evi Azhali said that one of the main reasons for the establishment of hotels in Balikpapan was that the province would become the capital of a new country.

“And Balikpapan, the destination for tourism is quite interesting. It’s just not yet exposed. Although it is in the buffer of a new national capital, Golden Tulip has not planned to build right on the location of the new capital. There are processes before making a decision,” she said.

She also added, if from our side, certainly there is an interest in developing a portfolio. But it is adjusted.

While Senior Vice President of Operations for Indonesia Golden Tulip Indonesia, Patrick H. Sibourg explained that Balikpapan in the future will become the economic center of Kalimantan. It also became the main gateway to the new national capital.

“We strongly believe that the inclusion of the Golden Tulip Balikpapan Hotel & Suites will meet the increasing business and leisure market demand,” he explained. [special photo]