A HEALTHY lifestyle has become a top priority for many people around the world. In the midst of a busy daily routine and a life that depends a lot on the digital world, more and more people are starting to realize the importance of exercising, eating healthy foods regularly, re-connecting with the surrounding environment and caring for themselves.

According to Malinda Yasmin, MarComm Manager hotel said more and more people who crave a relaxed travel experience, can learn new things while doing activities that can support health. Realizing this need, Fairmont Hotels launched a program called Fairmont Fit, a forum that accommodates guests’ desires to build a healthy lifestyle in the hotel as well as in their destination.

“As part of the Fairmont global program, Fairmont Fit is divided into four categories to offer as an experience to its guests. The Fitness & Movement category offers various types of physical activities that will inspire guests to exercise and live a healthy life,” she said.

Malinda also added, the Culinary Category offered nutritious dishes from food and beverage products that were served at Fairmont. The Personal Growth and Practices category offers activities such as yoga, breathing training and meditation. Destination Catagory, Culture and Nature, gives guests the opportunity to connect with where they are and the surrounding environment, such as local culture, art, and the natural surroundings.

“All exercises are not made uniform for participants, and therefore Fairmont Jakarta collaborates with experts to create an elite and progressive fitness program that is tailored for each participant, to help participants feel extraordinary achievements with a strong body, mind who is healthy and lives full of enthusiasm,” she concluded.

She explained again. Fairmont Fit Retreat was created specifically for those who want an exclusive health experience with professionals with five-star standards, which can be reached within the city of Jakarta. Available every weekend in the first week of the month, with prices starting at IDR12,000,000 nett. []