CHINESE New Year Celebration 2571, this time is the year of the Metal Mouse, is just counting the days. Although still identical with the color red, there are some new things in the Chinese New Year celebrations this time, including Imlek trinkets. In the Chinatown area of ​​Glodok, West Jakarta, rat-nuanced trinkets are hunted by buyers.

Yuncai, one of the sellers of Imlek ornaments in the region, said that small lanterns and lantern shades were the favorites of buyers this year.

“New aseksoris like pictures of mouse characters, are now quite sought after. There are also lanterns of various sizes and materials, which are definitely purchased by customers,” said the man when found at Chinatown Glodok.

A number of pictures of mouse characters can be found on wall displays, stickers, t-shirts, to key chains or cellphones, which are also decorated by small bells and tassel. Prices for decorations and lanterns also vary, depending on the size and material used. One of the highlights is the large number of pineapple lanterns, which according to Yuncai is also quite in demand.

“(Lanterns) Pineapple is considered as Wang Lai, or the coming king who brings a lot of sustenance. The Chinese community hopes that next year there will be more fortune coming,” he said.

As for other traders, Edi, said that the angpao envelope was the best-selling item in the stall. The seasonal trader admitted that he could sell hundreds of envelopes in various models at least one day.

Speaking of models, apparently angpao envelopes adorned with pictures, characters, or traditional Chinese letters are still a favorite of the buyers.

“Even though there are already colorful, the most salable (angpao envelopes) are still red, with Chinese words ‘hockey’ on it,” said Edi.

Furthermore, writing the traditional Chinese character character “lucky” can also be found in several other trinkets such as lanterns, decorations, hangers/wall displays, to stickers. Posts with other traditional character characters that are quite often found, mainly in amulet wrappers, are ping an fu, which means peace and luck. [antaranews]