THE high interest of people traveling abroad in 2019 is likely to continue to be a trend in 2020. Various holiday trends such as solo travel, backpackers, staycations to search for instagramable spots become a reference for millennials to those who were married last year.

JavaMifi, the largest wifi rental provider in Indonesia, predicts tourist destinations in the world that will become a popular choice for Indonesian tourists this year.

According to Andintya Maris, Founder of JavaMifi said it is important for us to know which countries will occupy popular destinations for customers so that JavaMifi can better prepare all supporting infrastructure this year, for that we study data trends throughout 2019 and look at various researches for find out the latest favorite destinations of Indonesian tourists.

JavaMifi data in 2019 shows the countries and regions that are ranked as the top tourist destination for Indonesian travelers are Japan, Europe (a combination of various countries), Singapore, Korea and Malaysia.

While Arindro Nugroho, General Manager of JavaMifi, said that this year we predict that Japan will continue to be the country most visited by Indonesian tourists with a variety of cultural charms, ease of access and the calculated distance is not too far away.

“South Korea will still be at least in the Top 5 tourist destinations as long as K-pop fever persists, while our neighboring countries such as Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand are also predicted to be still a favorite destination for weekend vacations and short duration holidays which are driven by the number of red dates falling on days Thursday-Friday this year,” Arindro said.

JavaMifi also estimates that the European Continent is still the dream of many travelers and remains a favorite tourist destination even though a shift is predicted to occur where Western European dominance begins to rival Scandinavian countries plus Russia which offers natural beauty and magical aurora charm.

JavaMifi ended this prediction by seeing New Zealand as one of the countries that will gain high popularity in 2020. In addition to the intense tourism promotion carried out by the New Zealand government, this country is considered to be very suitable for traveling with campervan even allowing tourists who visit to camp as much as they like (or better known as freedom camping), the number of forest areas that are comfortable and safe and surrounded by beautiful wide lakes are a strong supporting factor for Indonesian tourists to spend their vacation in New Zealand.

By setting a growth target of up to 2 million users, JavaMifi continues to be consistent in expanding both the inbound and outbound markets. On January 9, 2020, JavaMifi inaugurated two new booth locations at Juanda International Airport, Surabaya, precisely at Terminal 2 of Juanda International Airport and at Soekarno Hatta Airport Terminal 3, 1st floor (arrival area). []