LOUIS Vuitton stole the attention of fashion lovers for showing off his latest collection some time, namely a raw diamond which is claimed to be the second largest in the world. The diamond that Louis Vuitton bought was named “Sewelo” or “rare invention” and has a size of 1,758 carats.

The black-colored diamonds were on display at the Louis Vuitton shop at Place Vendome in Paris. The fashion company did not want to say how much was paid for a diamond the size of a tennis ball found in Botswana last year. The luxury fashion brand only said that the raw diamonds would be cut and made into jewelery.

According to Lucara, a diamond mining company in Canada that partners with Vuitton and a manufacturer based in Antwerp to produce gems, the diamond will be turned into a jewelry collection.

Louis Vuitton, better known for making expensive handbags, began entering the realm of jewelry in 2012 – where he competed with luxury brands Bvlgari and Richemont’s Cartier.

High-end jewelry designers are currently displaying their collections at the Paris Haute Couture fashion week, in a clothing display for top designers.

Jewelery from gemstones has now become one of the fastest growing fashion segments for the luxury goods market in recent years. This was used as an opportunity by Louis Vuitton who had bought the Tiffany label for US$ 16.2 billion last year. Gucci luxury label also had said it would open a special shop to sell luxury jewelry. [antaranews]