BATIK Air, a member of Lion Air Group, delivered the latest developments regarding plans to bring in a modern generation of the medium body (narrow body) category, the first Airbus 320-200NEO (new engine option).

According to the Chief Executive Officer of Batik Air, Capt. Achmad Luthfie revealed, the Batik Air Plane had completed the test flight process (29/1), aired at 10.25 local time (Time in Toulouse, France, GMT + 01) from Toulouse Blagnac International Airport and landed at 11.39 time locale in Toulouse Blagnac and other stages of work are being carried out at the Airbus manufacturer, Toulouse.

“Airbus 320-200NEO Batik Air has a delivery schedule to Indonesia in the near future. Batik Air expects aircraft arrival plans to run smoothly and according to the specified time,” he said.

Achmad Luthfie added that the arrival will place Batik Air as part of the first airline in the Lion Air Group that uses this fleet. Batik Air expressed its pride that it would welcome the arrival of the Airbus 320-200 NEO and introduce the latest aircraft.

“Airbus 320-200 NEO Batik Air in the future, will be used for business development which is considered capable of serving a variety of existing routes, plans to increase flight frequencies, as well as opening new domestic and international routes,” he concluded.

He also mentioned that Batik Air has considered various factors, that the aircraft will provide more new experiences to every guest who travels. [photo special]