THE Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy through appreciating the ‘Eventori’ application which is an e-commerce platform to facilitate the entertainment industry ecosystem in the country.

According to the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Wishnutama Kusubandio said, this platform is a place to meet and collaborate all entertainment industry players, both artists and professionals, and users from event organizers, promoters, to advertising or brands.

“The application idea is good, this is a brilliant idea. I hope it will be successful. I am here to talk about the long process of his career that began in the creative industry, where I often find it difficult to connect and look for talents, event organizers, promoters, advertising or even brand sponsors,” he said.

He added, to this day, I still feel confused about looking for this, want to find it with certain desires where to go, do not know where to go. I am a person who crawls with capital from creativity. During my creative journey, the obstacle was how we could integrate the elements in this application, that was the difficulty.

Wishnutama also told the mandate of President Joko Widodo in several speeches to hold international events both sports, music and MICE events as an effort to attract foreign tourists coming to Indonesia.

“For example, the Moto GP that from one event only has pre events, side events, post events that can be utilized, not to mention PON, not to mention the 2032 Olympics, not to mention various other events. I hope that these events will be filled by Indonesians so that they can improve our abilities for all of us,” he added.

The Minister of Tourism also noted, there is one content that must be considered and can be included in this Eventori Application, that is event management. He explained that event management is a strategic thing to manage all events. And abroad there are majors in the lecture bench even to the doctoral level.

“Now event management is rising to hone our ability to manage an event in terms of finance, ticketing, marketing, and others. So it’s not just talking about mere technical or creative sides. That is the importance of this event management if we can integrate it into a system, it becomes an extraordinary thing,” Wishnutama concluded.

Eventori can be said to be a kind of database that can be used by many people. For users, this database can be to meet their needs, while for talent and entertainment industry players such as sound system entrepreneurs or venues, especially in the regions, can be to market themselves and look for opportunities on broader stages.

While the features found on the Eventori platform include platform booking, talent management, and digital advertising. The booking platform features a talent list including their portfolio and honorarium. Talents include singers, dancers, magicians, MCs, comedians, bands, or traditional arts groups. In addition, there is also a list of actors producing events such as sound systems, lighting or multimedia, and entertainment business. []