THE largest travel exhibition in Indonesia ASTINDO Travel Fair 2020 will be held on February 21-23 at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Jakarta.

According to the Chairman of the Indonesian Aviation Ticket Sales Association (ASTINDO), Elly Hutabarat at press conference (11/2) said as well known, the corona virus that spread from China has been the world’s attention until now. There is indeed an influence from the issue but it does not really affect the preparation of organizing the ASTINDO Travel Fair where currently the entire exhibition area has been filled by exhibitors consisting of airlines, travel agents, Tourism Promotion Agencies (NTO), cruise liners, tourism objects, and products other related travel.

“Responding to the corona virus outbreak as a sensitive issue. We hope that the Corona virus outbreak in several countries will not dampen people’s enthusiasm for traveling, because there are still many travel destination options that are not affected, and also governments in almost all countries have taken preventive measures by banning the entry of Chinese citizens and citizens of other countries who visited China for the past 14 days,” Elly said.

Elly added, we believe this issue does not discourage the public from coming to ASTINDO Travel Fair, because there are various interesting destinations offered to visitors during the event will be held an exhibition for three days accompanied by various special price offers and promotions for visitors.

“Entering its 10th year, ASTINDO Travel Fair has positioned as one of the largest and most comprehensive travel fairs in Indonesia and is the best reference for people in planning their domestic and international tourism trips (outbound),” she said.

She also explained that ASTINDO Travel Fair was supported by multi airlines making consumer shows

This is different from most travel fairs that are held in Indonesia, and are always expected by holidaymakers.

“According to a World Bank report, in Indonesia there are 90 million middle class who like to travel, because Indonesia has the potential of large tourist destinations and tourists. It makes us understand the price and quality of destinations to be considered by the public to travel,” she said.

Elly Hutabarat stressed that for this we collaborated with 16 airline partners and travel agents for ASTINDO members to offer ticket prices and tour packages at promo prices during the ASTINDO Travel Fair 2020.

With the support of banking and insurance partners, visitors will enjoy the convenience of transactions and free travel insurance. Responding to the current situation, we will display a lot of domestic and foreign tourist destinations that are not affected.

“Well, during the ASTINDO Travel Fair 2020, visitors can buy tickets at promotional prices and travel packages at low prices to domestic and foreign destinations. Among them, tour packages to various favorite destinations in Indonesia (3 days 2 nights) with prices starting at Rp1 million, such as:

Yogyakarta: Rp1,610,000, Malang: Rp2,020,000, Banyuwangi: Rp2,510,000, Bali: Rp2,310,000, Lombok: Rp2,510,000, Belitung: Rp1,910,000, Medan: Rp3,210,000, and many more,” she concluded. []