PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) began selling Regular Train tickets for the Lebaran 1441 H Transportation period starting H-90 before departure on the KAI web, the KAI Access application, and all other official KAI sales channels.

“Regular train tickets for the Lebaran 1441 H Transportation period will be sold from February 14, 2020 at 00.00 West Indonesia Time to the departure of the Lebaran D-10 or May 14, 2020 and so on,” said KAI Managing Director Edi Sukmoro.

Edi reminded that prospective passengers to be more careful in inputting the date, route, or passenger data when making a booking. Plan your trip as well as possible including the estimated trip to the station, don’t get it wrong and finally can’t go home for Lebaran.

In anticipation of increasing the number of visitors to the ticket sales channel, KAI has optimized the ticket sales system as well as doubling server capacity and bandwidth compared to normal days. It is intended that the ticket booking process across all channels can run smoothly.

“Make sure to order Lebaran tickets through KAI official channels or official partners who have collaborated with KAI. The aim is to avoid fraud, system disruption, or the existence of unnatural service costs. Then, when you order Lebaran tickets, make sure the internet connection is stable, prepare alternative routes or alternative travel dates, as well as check the availability of tickets on a regular basis,” concluded Edi. [antaranews/photo special]