IT SEEMS that the current advertising activities in the digital era are very important to do to optimize the distribution of information about goods and services produced by producers to consumers in a business activity. One of the advertisements that can be done is the use of both traditional and digital advertisements that can help marketing quickly and measurable.

According to Yohanes Rocky, CEO of Ads Mall during the press conference of the grand launching of Ads Mall, Friday (2/14) in Jakarta said Ads Mall, an Advertising Marketplace Platform is now available to help bring together as well as connect brand holders and advertising agencies.

“This e-commerce based application is even claimed to be able to be the solution of a series of problems that are usually found in the advertising world. A long and complicated process, high taxes, expensive advertising costs, difficulty in finding reports, to static ad locations are examples of obstacles that can be avoided thanks to Ads Mall,” he said.

He added, with the Ads Mall there is a new color in the world of advertising. We are also grateful to be the first Marketplace Advertising Platform in the world and made in Indonesia. Interestingly, this platform is the first application in Indonesia and even the world that carries the concept of full service plus agency. Ads Mall was created to make a new standardization in terms of payment.

“Ads Mall is also profitable in terms of payment. Where Ads Mall will help the media to get payments quickly or in advance. Through Ads Mall, brand and service holders can directly choose the desired media according to the target market through online applications. Ads The mall also has a marketing team that can help design concepts and choose the right and right target media for brands and services,” Yohanes added.

Ads Mall has a variety of media placements with categories from Indoor, Outdoor Static, Outdoor Mobile, Digital Media, and Mass Media. Ads Mall provides the opportunity for brand and service brand holders to advertise statically and dynamically on various media, including airports, malls, train stations, bus terminals, theaters, buildings, roads, pedestrian bridges, police stations, toll gates, trains, buses, minitrans, planes, motorcycles, trucks, billboards, social media, news portals, television, radio, newspapers, tabloids, and magazines through advertising agencies that are registered in the Ads Mall.

“The Ads Mall client and partner are now in various cities in Indonesia and even in other countries such as China, Korea, Singapore and Malaysia,” he added.

He also explained, Ads Mall users will get a variety of benefits such as increased brand acquisition, very efficient and effective advertising costs and makes it easier to reach target markets, tracking advertising effectiveness, easy and practical processes, real time reports, online management, and comprehensive reports. []