THE Indonesia’s government is still in the process of formulating incentive calculations for tourism. Although, the Ministry of Tourism & Creative Economy said it could only provide incentives in the form of promotional assistance to industry players, online travel agents (OTA) and airlines.

According to the Deputy for Tourism Products and Events Implementation Rizki Handayani said at ICCA Indonesia Committee press conference in Jakarta Convention Center (19/2) said that currently the focus of the Ministry of Tourism & Economy Creative is how to encourage domestic demand.

“So the President Joko Widodo also talks about airlines, we might also deal with packages, we’ve also talked with the first one, not only in terms of supply, but also how we encourage demand. We will encourage this local/domestic market,” she explained.

Rizky said that in recent days Tourism Ministry was consulting with a number of domestic airlines, relevant ministry ministries and OTA to make attractive tour packages at competitive prices.

“This is still on the process, so there have been some finalization. Tourism Ministry will help promote it, we did not say it would give incentives to them. But they can get business, the business is obtained from us promoting them,” Rizky noted.

Besides domestic tourists, what is also encouraged by the government is domestic MICE. Rizky said that Tourism Ministry was encouraging the Ministries and Institutions to conduct events or meetings in destinations that were strongly affected by COVID-19 such as Bali, Batam and Manado.

“Secondly from MICE, we are actually pushing for foreign and domestic meetings to take place especially in highly affected destinations. Bali, Batam and Manado. Moreover, 50% of Bali relies on tourism,” she said.

She pointed out, however, actually this incentive scheme was not only for domestic tourists but also for foreign tourists. But foreign tourists arrival are drop now, we cannot predict how long. But our domestic market is still okay. [traveltext]