THE Indonesian Aviation Ticket Sales Association held an exhibition, ASTINDO Travel Fair 2020 and officially opened today (21/2) until February 23, 2020 at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC). Besides Jakarta, this year’s ASTINDO Travel Fair 2020 will also take place in 4 other major cities in Indonesia, namely February 21-23 at Palembang Icon Mall, Palembang and March 6-8 at Plaza Andalas, Padang, Lippo Mall Kuta, Bali and Tunjungan Plaza 6 , Surabaya.

According to Chairman of ASTINDO, Elly Hutabarat during a press conference in the opening of the ASTINDO Travel Fair 2020 said the exhibition presented many tour packages and plane tickets at attractive prices. In organizing the 10th year with a higher public interest, it increases every year. This exhibition provides an opportunity for travelers, especially citizens of Jakarta, to hunt for flight tickets and travel packages at lower prices.

“Since it was first held in 2011, ASTINDO Travel Fair currently has a positioning as one of the largest and most comprehensive travel fairs in Indonesia and is the best reference for the community. About the increasing trend of Indonesian people’s travel growth every year. This has triggered ASTINDO to offer attractive price offers annually and special discounts on ticket prices and domestic and foreign tour packages,” she said.

Elly added, as the most comprehensive tourism exhibition in Indonesia. ASTINDO Travel Fair not only presents a variety of domestic and foreign vacation products at low cost, but also as a means of information and a center for travel and business transactions.

But when asked about the outbreak of the Corona virus, Elly then answered that currently there are many Indonesian tourists holding back to travel abroad, but most of them have planned to travel abroad mostly in September to the end of December. So we don’t need to worry about that.

She explained, but in organizing this time visitors can buy vacation packages, special packages, and flight tickets at promotional prices according to the destination of each choice and get a saving holiday reference. Interestingly, this exhibition will also be attended by various tourism industry players such as hotels and resorts from national and international networks, destinations, tourist attractions and supporting facilities, airlines and cruise. At least there are 150 booths prepared by organizers, including travel agents and 16 airlines, as well as agencies promotion of international and domestic tourism.

While the Deputy of Tourism Marketing & Creative Economy, Tourism and Creative Economy Agency of the Republic of Indonesia, Nia Niscahya said that my excitement was due to the ASTINDO Travel Fair being lively for 10 years. The Travel Fair is also an event for the public or consumers to plan their holidays.

“Hopefully the ASTINDO Travel Fair 2020 event will be more successful, because I see ASTINDO Fair always shine every year in any condition. We from the ministry of tourism and creative economy always support it,” Nia said.

Meanwhile BCA Senior Vice President of Transaction Banking Business Development I Ketut Alan Wangsawijaya said this year was the 10th year BCA participated in the ASTINDO Travel Fair. Many things that we have seen on that journey would not be easy without the spirit of a clear vision and mission which would be difficult. We are proud and learn the tourism industry from here.

He also said that vacationing is the most awaited moment for everyone. Society makes traveling to relieve fatigue, not infrequently traveling becomes a means and learning culture and of course affects the value of our lives for the better.

Ketut also hopes that the event of the ASTINDO Travel Fair 2020 will not only be a travel exhibition but also an opportunity for synergy between tourism actors to collaborate with each other.

Likewise, Eric Nemitz, CEO of PT Sompo Insurance Indonesia, who also expressed his pride in the ASTINDO Travel Fair 2020, It is an honor for us this year to be the third year Sompo became the main travel insurance partner at this exhibition which took place in Jakarta, Palembang, Surabaya, Bali and Padang .

There are 16 airlines participating by opening a booth including All Nippon Airlines (ANA), Cathay Pacific Airways, China Airlines, Citilink, Emirates, Etihad Airways, EVA Air, Garuda Indonesia, Korean Air, Malaysian Airlines, Philippines Airlines, Qantas Airways, Qatar Airways, Saudia Arabian Airlines, Singapore Airlines and Thai Airways.

In addition, there were also tourism promotion agencies (NTO) in several countries such as Cambodia, India, Korea, Macau, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Japan and Taiwan. Then there are also various cruise liners that operate regionally and internationally. This event attracts around 44 travel agents to participate. []