CENTRAL Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo wants Central Java to establish a “sister destination” cooperation with the Province of Bali to support each other in the development of tourism between the two.

“President Jokowi asked for a new Bali in Indonesia, and Central Java became one of the appointed ones namely Borobudur Temple. For that reason, we want to make a ‘sister’ destination with Bali so that the development of tourism is faster,” he said in Semarang.

Ganjar hopes that the “sister destination” can be used as a guide between the two regions managing tourism, especially Bali as Indonesia’s tourist center, of course has a lot of knowledge and experience that can be applied in Central Java.

“Bali is known for its beautiful diving spots, while in Central Java it has islands. Tourism ‘events’ in Bali can be implemented in Central Java. In addition, the” sister destination “can be followed up with tourism cooperation packages between the two provinces that make it easier for people to access tourism and can be an effective promotional tool to attract interest tourists visit,” he said.

He added, especially in the midst of the growing issue of the Corona virus which now makes tourism deserted. I offer you for tourism cooperation, Central Java and Bali. Give discounts to boost the economy so that tourism is stretched.

Ganjar admitted the spread of the corona virus had an impact on tourism in almost all regions, not only Bali.

“That can be overcome with earlier, inter-regional cooperation packages such as Bali with Central Java to make a joint package to optimize local tourists. If you just keep quiet with this condition while waiting for the corona issue to finish, how long will you take it?” he concluded.

In addition to optimizing local tourists, the search for market share to other regions besides China must also be done, including the promotion of tourism to Europe, Australia and other countries should be encouraged. [antaranews/photo special]