TRIUMPH Motorcycles will produce all motorcycle models outside the UK. The British name said he would move all production to a new factory in Thailand. At present the factory in Hinckley, England, only has to produce two models namely Speed ​​Triple and Tiger 1200.

In the near future both will be produced at the new facility located in the Chonburi region, Thailand. Even so it does not mean that factories in the UK are closed. The factory will still produce special edition units such as Triumph Factory Custom (TFX), and also develop new models. But for mass production will be done in Thailand.

According to Nick Bloor, CEO of Triumph, said the relocation of production facilities was to prepare for the wave of Triumph’s strategic growth. Manufacturers want to maximize opportunities for global growth, especially in the Asian market.

“This is why we are increasing our design resources here in the UK, and focusing our mass production capabilities in Thailand,” Nick was quoted as saying by

Nick said, at this time the production facilities in Thailand only used two lines of the three existing lines. With the rest of the latest models from the UK, the factory in Thailand will increase production by 2,000 units per year.

Meanwhile Paul Stroud, CCO of Triumph, said the transition would begin in mid-2020 until it was completed. He claimed, the transfer of production to Thailand would not have an impact on the availability of units in the UK or other countries.

“We are facing increasing competition. There are also new entrants coming to the market with much lower price points and more producers issuing new models more and faster, while consumers are looking for more technology,” he said.

Triumph said the move of production facilities to Thailand would have an impact on workers in the UK. The company is currently negotiating with approximately 50 employees to discuss the future of their work. [antaranews]