SRIWIJAYA Air will add direct flights from Jakarta to Belitung starting March 1, 2020.

According to Sriwijaya Air Vice President Networking & Revenue Management A Yani Azwar in his press release said that currently Sriwijaya Air serves two direct flights from the Jakarta-Belitung PP route. The high demand for tourism makes the company add one more direct flight starting March 1, 2020.

“This is a reoperate or re-operated flight. We also carefully calculate tourism potential. With the addition of this flight schedule, as of March 1, 2020, Sriwijaya Air will in total serve three Jakarta-Belitung PP flights every day.

“Jakarta-Belitung flights will be served at 06.00, 08.10 and 11:45 WIB. While the Belitung-Jakarta flights will be served at 07.40, 13.40 and 17:40 WIB, “he said.

He added, on the Jakarta-Belitung PP flight, Sriwijaya Air enforced a free baggage policy of 20 kilograms per person with an additional 5 kilograms for customers who brought sports equipment, bicycles, surfboards, golf and Zamzam water.

Yani said that tourists who want to go to Belitung can enjoy a number of beautiful objects such as Tanjung Kelayang Beach, Tanjung Tinggi Beach, Andrea Hirata Kata Museum and Kaolin Lake. This area also has a replica of the famous Muhammadiyah Laskar Elementary School due to the success of the Laskar Pelangi film several years ago. [photo special]