WHO does not know bubble drink? This drink with topping chewy balls or commonly called boba is being hit among children, teenagers to adults. These beverage outlets are easily found in malls to residential areas.

According to Ir Dewi Rotua Silalahi MM, Commissioner/Co-founder of PT Buba Prima Svastarini during a press conference & product launching (27/2) in Jakarta said based on research and observations, calories in a glass of bubble drink could reach 600-800 calories due to high sugar and fat, and also contained unnatural additives.

“Even the environmental impact of the bubble drink industry is also very worrying because of the large amount of plastic waste from the packaging used. Seeing this, PT Buba Prima Svastarini, a startup company engaged in the field of F&B, took the initiative to create a new breakthrough by producing bubble drinks that are responsible in terms of nutrition and the environment,” Dewi Silalahi said.

Through various studies and experiments, she continued PT Buba Prima Svastarini launched a bubble drink that supports a healthy lifestyle with the Buba Soul brand and opened its first outlet in FX Sudirman, Jakarta.

She pointed out, very different from other bubble drinks, Buba Soul uses natural ingredients and spices from various regions in Indonesia such as tea, coffee, chocolate, turmeric, ginger, ginger, cinnamon, lemongrass and so on which are blended into a contemporary drink with a taste that is delicious. The calories are relatively low at around 100-300 calories because they use natural sweeteners such as palm sugar and organic honey.

Meanwhile Ir Isabella Silalahi, CEO/Co-founder of PT Buba Prima Svastarini said Buba Soul comes with a colorful display of appetizing drinks with a variety of flavors like never before such as Golden Turmeric, Royale Rosela, Butterfly Pea Flower, Curcuma Lemonade, and others.

“We know that Indonesia is a country with the second largest biodiversity in the world where found around 30,000 herbs & species of native plants that have health benefits, but only about 5% are used in large industries. Therefore, through Buba Soul, we are committed to supporting local farmers and restoring the glory of native Indonesian spices so as to increase the competitiveness of agricultural or plantation products by turning commodities into today’s lifestyle products that have added value,” Isabella Silalahi noted.

Isabella added, we prioritize sustainable businesses that have a positive impact on society and the environment, not solely for profit. We also want to support the government’s program to increase the added value of Indonesian spices by processing various types of these spices into contemporary drinks that can be enjoyed by children, adolescents and adults.

“Even, PT Buba Prima Svastarini also works closely with nutritionists and health experts as well as a team that is competent in F&B and experienced in managing Indonesia’s biodiversity in order to produce drinks that support a healthy lifestyle. Buba Soul’s natural and organic raw materials are obtained from all over Indonesia which is grown by a family-owned cooperative led by an Indonesian woman,” she said.

But most importantly, she continued, Buba Soul also uses environmentally friendly packaging (biodegradable and compostable) and reduces the use of disposable plastics. This makes Buba Soul a pioneer in moving the bubble drink industry responsible for health and the environment.

She explained again, with the use of high quality natural ingredients, Buba Soul drinks are certainly safe for consumption by various age groups at an affordable price, which is IDR25,000-IDR45,000 per glass. Consumers can also add choices of toppings to taste like boba or pearl, nata de coco, and aloe vera.

Buba Soul outlets located on f2, FX Sudirman, Senayan, South Jakarta, not only offer drinks, but also snacks that are suitable to be enjoyed along with the sweetness of Buba Soul drinks. []