PT GARUDA Indonesia Tbk will open seven new flight routes. This is in anticipation of the company’s plummeting performance due to the closure of several flight routes.

According to the President Director of Garuda Indonesia, Irfan Sebuahutra said the impact of the Corona virus caused Garuda Indonesia to close several flight routes. So far it has closed flight routes to China, Hong Kong and Singapore.

“For Hong Kong, we have closed significantly from Hong Kong-Denpasar, so that now there are only routes left from Jakarta and Singapore from 10 flights a day to 3 per day,” he said in Jakarta.

He added, meanwhile, for the Korean route it was still trying to keep it up to further decisions. As a state-owned enterprise, in carrying out closure actions it must be able to get the blessing and orders of the relevant ministries because they will have serious implications for international relations.

Plus, he continued the aviation industry has again been hit by Saudi Arabia’s policy to stop accepting Umrah pilgrims and restrict visits to the Prophet’s Mosque. For this route, Garuda Indonesia has 4 flights to the Holy Land.

“With the closure of these routes, Garuda Indonesia has experienced a decrease in load factor which has resulted in a significant decrease in revenue. I have pocketed the loss figures for the closure of these routes, but I am reluctant to disclose them because it is the duty of the board of directors to fix them, not complain about the losses suffered,” he noted.

As a whole, Irfan said that the entire aviation industry was in a difficult time due to the corona. This resulted in companies continuing to incur costs without any income.

“While the industry is based on very thin margins. But to overcome this, Garuda Indonesia has prepared new routes. The process is still in the stage of finalization with the Ministry of Transportation to introduce 7 new routes namely Denpasar-Mumbai, Denpasar-Delhi, Denpasar- “Brisbane, Denpasar-KL, Denpasar-Bangkok, Denpasar-Dili, and Denpasar-Taipei,” he said.

Irfan Setiaputra emphasized that Garuda Indonesia hoped that in addition to anticipating the seven routes, they could continue to be maintained and not be affected by the corona. We also hope that this sentiment does not increase so that all industries will be affected.

Likewise Triawan Munaf, President Commissioner of Garuda Indonesia, added that focused routes from/and to Denpasar were also to encourage the tourism sector. Because the decline in tourists in Bali dropped significantly so we want to revive tourism in Bali and hotels in Bali. []