ACCORDING to former British Prime Minister Tony Blair said the relocation of the Indonesian capital to East Kalimantan (East Kalimantan) had an extraordinary vision.

President Joko Widodo welcomed the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change delegation led by Tony Blair at the Jakarta Merdeka Palace to discuss the development of Indonesia’s new capital city in East Kalimantan.

Tony Blair who had a relaxed conversation at the Merdeka Palace veranda said I was happy to be part of the relocation of this capital city and saw that moving the capital was an extraordinary vision for Indonesia.

“Moving the capital will also be an inspiration for the world. It is truly a pleasure, a real privilege, to be part of something that will be very pleasant. I think this is not only for Indonesia but the outside world will also get a lot of inspiration from this,” Tony Blair said.

Tony Blair added that Indonesia’s new capital would not only be the center of government. The new capital will be very attractive for people to come, live and work.

“A capital city that is able to offer a new dimension to the Indonesian economy, the way the country is developing, and become an example of the best technology, carrying out development in an environmentally friendly way,” he noted.

He pointed out, Indonesia’s new capital will be the first capital in the 21st century with many new technological touches. Starting from artificial intelligence, internet of things, to other technologies that are also environmentally friendly. So I hope this capital city project will really come to make people live happier. [antaranews/photo special]