PRESIDENT Joko Widodo (Jokowi) explained that giving discounted tickets and a number of hotel tariff incentives for 10 tourist areas in Indonesia would not add to the spread of a new type of Corona Virus (COVID-19) in Indonesia.

“No, we give the incentives to tourists from areas that are not expected to be the epicenter of the Corona Virus,” President Jokowi said at the Merdeka Palace, Jakarta.

On this day, President Jokowi announced two Indonesian citizens, a 64-year-old mother and 31-year-old child in Depok, West Java, who tested positive for a new type of Corona Virus and is currently being treated at the Sulianti Suroso Infection Disease Hospital since March 1 2020.

Whereas last week the government gave incentives in the form of discounted airplane tickets to restore the tourism sector which had been hit by the Corona Virus. This discount will be given starting March 1, 2020.

“I think everything has been calculated, because we want the cases resolved, but our economy is also in good and normal condition. That is our desire,” added President Jokowi.

He added, the incentive was given to foreign tourists with a low level of Corona Virus risk. So road tourism, of course from foreign tourists whose risks are low and we already have a protocol for that. Second, the main thing is to encourage domestic tourism, archipelago tourism, and also the MICE (meeting, incentives, convention & exhibition) activities of the ministry, so that is to support the tourism industry.

Discounted airline tickets themselves are given up to half the price alias 50 percent of the ticket price. [antaranews/photo special]