ALTHOUGH it has been officially canceled, the largest tourism exhibition in the world ITB Berlin continues to promote special events for the travel industry to promote the tour packages it offers online.

Based on the monitoring between London in Berlin, Wednesday, many industry players from various countries have arrived in Berlin, Germany, which originally took part in the world’s largest tourism exhibition, the International Tourismus Boerse (ITB) Berlin 2020.

But the event was canceled only five days before the implementation which was originally scheduled for March 4-8, 2020. However, the organizing committee still opened the event’s publication via online.

Industry players can publish and promote their travel industry events in Berlin at for free or share information on social media (Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook, or Twitter) under the hashtag #whatwewantedtosayatITBBerlin20

In a press statement the ITB Berlin committee mentioned the opportunity for the tourism industry to communicate the event scheduled for ITB Berlin at

Given the new coronavirus outbreak (Covid-19), ITB Berlin 2020 must be canceled in the form of an exhibition exchange that provides an important platform for tourism by offering analog and digital services.

All exhibitors at ITB Berlin 2020 currently have the option to communicate the scheduled event to their customers outside the exhibition venue this week by publishing it at [antaranews/photo special]

[antaranews/photo special]