THE Coordinating Minister for Maritime and Investment Luhut B. Pandjaitan said that the government will not forget the people in carrying out physical development.

“Now what is the government program. On top of that, in Toba Caldera Resort (TCR), good hotels will be built, resorts will be made. Hopefully this can contribute to the progress of the community here. We will teach the people here how to do farming. right, so the results are maximum and can be sold to these hotels,” he said.

He noted that we must change our mindset into a community that is friendly with tourists. Because if you can’t be friends, they don’t want to come again. So whether you want to make this village go forward or not, it depends on ladies and gentlemen.

“I would invite the native son of Sigapiton to come to Java and see how it should manage tourist attractions. Infrastructure will also complement this region,” he added.

Luhut asked the village community to always maintain cleanliness. Because most tourists who come to Sigapiton are to experience firsthand the original life of the residents of Sigapiton Village. Sigapiton village has been known for cultural tourism, many tourists visit this village to experience the original life of the community. In addition, this village is also close to Binangalom Waterfall which directly empties into Lake Toba.

“I remind the people there that the government has never intended to damage the authenticity of the village of Sigapiton. These existing traditional houses must be maintained. But the key is discipline, hard work, togetherness. It can’t be just talking. But sometimes they talk a lot, demo demo, yeah … don’t need to be provoked,” he explained.

Sigapiton is planned to be one of the places to be visited by King Willem Alexander and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands who will be vacationing in the Lake Toba Tourism Area, on the 13th.

The government is currently encouraging 10 villages which will become tourist villages in the Toba region and is expected to be completed by the middle of this year. The ten tourist villages are Sipinsur, Tipang, Marbuntoruan, Sigapiton, Meat, Tarabunga, Huta Nilintong, Huta Ginjang, Hutanagodang, and Dolok Martumbur. []