THE export performance of handicraft industry products grew 2.5% in 2019 with a value of US$892 million compared to the previous year which was US$870 million.

According to the Director General of Small and Medium Industries and Various Industry Ministry of Industry, Gati Wibawaningsih said in 2019 the growth of craft exports was 2.5%. Now the potential is getting better, but there is corona, so this is also worrying.

Nevertheless, Gati is optimistic if she sees the potential of the national handicraft industry which is predicted to increase export value along with improvements ranging from aspects of product quality to design and packaging. This effort is in line with the use of technology and the development of human resource competencies.

“This is quite encouraging and is expected to continue to be improved again, so that Indonesia can become one of the largest craft producers in the world,” said Gati.

For this reason, the Ministry of Industry has set a 2.5% growth in exports of handicraft products this year, or the same as last year, bearing in mind the challenges of the world economy.

“Initially we aimed at 5%, but because there is Corona, at least it can grow like last year,” said Gati Wibawaningsih.

Gati added, the handicraft industry has an important role in contributing to the national economy. This can be seen from its contribution to foreign exchange through the significant export achievements of its products. [antaranews/photo traveltextl]