AS HEINEKEN remains committed to delivering premium experiences and innovative products to its consumers, the iconic international brand is proud to unveil a refreshing new look.

According to Mariska van DroogeParlevliet, Marketing Director of Multi Bintang Indonesia, part of the HEINEKEN company said the bold new 360 packaging is distinctly contemporary and sophisticated, and amplifies the brand’s classic red star and premium quality pure malt lager status.

“Since our first brew in 1873, Heineken has become a global leader in not just taste but also innovation. Evolving from an exclusive Dutch beer to a premium lager known and loved across the globe, Heineken has continuously improved its packaging to remain on the forefront of change,” she said.

Mariska van DroogeParlevliet noted that for example, the Heineken star made its first appearance on labels in 1884, and turned red in 1931 to complement their green bottles. The latest revamp foregrounds the now-iconic red star and has a sleek glossy finishing to maximise brand differentiation and create an air of sophistication to accentuate its premium quality.

“The Heineken 360 can is the next step in the ongoing evolution of our packaging. The new design ensures that our packaging stays progressive and that we continue to strengthen our iconic imagery. We have also used this opportunity to subtly dial up the brand’s authentic roots,” said Mariska.

She added Heineken’s outer carton has also been redesigned to meet the changing landscape of modern

trade. As retailers find more creative ways to display cartons, Heineken branding has evolved to remain prominent from all possible angles and shelf designs.

The new packaging designs will be rolled out nationwide across the Heineken brand portfolio starting February 2020. []