MINISTER of Tourism and Creative Economy, Wishnutama Kusubandio supports the delivery of one-door information related to the new Corona Virus outbreak or COVID-19 so that the public, including tourists, get accurate, complete, and not confusing information.

Wishnutama Kusubandio in his statement in Jakarta, expressed his appreciation and support for the appointment of the Secretary of the Directorate General of Disease Prevention and Control (P2P) Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) Achmad Yurianto as the spokesperson for handling COVID-19.

“The government has a big homework related to public relations and communication that soothes the public so that there is no information that is confusing and prone to the spread of hoax that is troubling,” he said.

Moreover, said Wishnutama, the world of tourism is a sector that is very vulnerable to the issues, perceptions, and information circulating. Therefore, accurate and one-door public communication is considered as the best solution for the national interest.

“COVID-19 is a momentum for all of us to improve, so that all parties are more mature and rational in addressing this condition,” he noted.

He invites the public to be more intelligent in processing information and not immediately trusting hoax information but doing checks and re-check. While public officials are advised to give a one-voice statement so as not to confuse the public.

Even going forward, specifically for strategic issues, the official statement should ideally only be through one source, namely a spokesperson or official appointed.

The statement will become a reference for all parties related to the government’s official position. That is called Wishnutama will make communication to the public run more effectively.

“All information is through the spokesman. The people get complete information and never become controversy,” Wishnutama added.

Behind that, he suggested all parties to continue to conduct good coordination and synergy to support the performance of the spokesman, including the experts and related agencies in order to convey the latest information and data, so that the spokesman could provide accurate information and education to the public with information that was not mazy. []