THE China-German joint venture, Roland Gumpert, is ready to release the first edition of Nathalie, a super-fast electric sports sedan powered by methanol instead of batteries like conventional electric vehicles today.

Nathalie is a super electric sports car without compromise. This is one of the fastest and most dynamic sports cars that you can drive with a license plate on a normal road, not just on a racing track.

Nathalie is an embodiment of unencumbered ecological freedoms – movement without limits, without burden, with meticulous speed, Roland Gumpert said in his press release.

Dynamic because Gumpert made Nathalie with the concept of 2Way energy (2-ways), making it more flexible and varied than anything before.

Nathalie can go up to a top speed of 190 miles per hour or around 300km per hour, with a cruising range of up to 510 miles, equivalent to 820km, for one charge and can go even further when using eco mode.

Recharging the energy source is very fast, only 3 minutes to fully refuel. Nathalie really performs racing cars, with the ability to accelerate from 0-100 km per hour in just 2.5 seconds.

A coupé with racing genes, both in the design of the grille frame, carbon chassis, all-wheel drive, vortex generator, rear diffuser and rear spoiler – ready for action on the circuit.

Nathalie uses technology that allows wide reach without the need to refill – a big advantage especially in areas that do not have electric vehicle charging stations (EV).

Nathalie Fuel Cell works environmentally friendly with methanol and produces a permanent power of 15 kW. This car focuses on the driver and its passengers. This is the opposite of driving on autopilot. This is the latest generation super electric sports car.

Methanol provides energy using electrochemical reactions so that it is far superior to all fuels known today, because it can be synthesized in an environmentally neutral way.

This car is refueled in only three minutes, and enough energy is available to continue your journey. Roland Gumpert is a joint venture between German Gumpert and AIWAYS China. [antaranews]