INDONESIAN citizens, who plan to go to New Zealand (NZ) are required to undergo 14-days independent quarantine upon arrival in the country at their own expense.

According to the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to New Zealand Tantowi Yahya, said if you are currently in Indonesia and will visit New Zealand for something very urgent, then it is mandatory for you to be isolated for 14 days once you arrive in this country.

“Follow all the provisions of isolation and all costs related to self-isolation are borne by themselves. It means that both the New Zealand Government and the Indonesian Government are not responsible for the costs of isolation,” Ambassador Tantowi said via video broadcast by the Indonesian Embassy in Wellington, as received in Jakarta.

He added, 14 days of independent isolation became a requirement that must be met by all migrants from abroad, bearing in mind that the local government was trying to suppress the spread of a new type of corona virus (COVID-19), according to a statement from the local Ministry of Health via its official website.

Therefore, Ambassador Tantowi reminded Indonesian citizens who planned to go to New Zealand to comply with the rules because of heavy sanctions.

“We warn you not to try to violate these provisions because the sanctions are very clear and severe. You can be deported and your visa application process can be problematic next,” he added.

Keep in mind, the New Zealand Immigration Agency announced as of March 19 at 23:59 local time, most foreign nationals could not enter New Zealand. However, residents and citizens of New Zealand are allowed to enter by undergoing independent quarantine for 14 days.

Those who are still allowed into New Zealand, including local citizens; foreign citizens with permanent residents’ licenses; residents with families in New Zealand (for example, spouses, spouses, guardians, or children under the age of 24).

“Families with direct contact must have a valid visa or NZeTA and be on the same plane or travel with a New Zealand citizen or family member who is a New Zealand resident,” he noted.

Despite restrictions, the New Zealand Government has not yet set a lockdown, so consular services at the Indonesian Embassy in Wellington remain open. However, officers will only serve residents who have made an appointment.

“For consular services such as passport or visa extensions we still open with an appointment, please call the Indonesian Embassy in Wellington at 04-4758699 with extension 717 or 718, or visit our website at,” Tantowi explained. [antaranews/photo special]